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I couldn’t find a life time partner hereChemistry.com

Chemistry.com is a good site. I couldn’t find a life time partner here but I am sure it will work for other men out there. The site matches you with a prospective partner using a personality test. Somehow my personality didn’t match well with the woman I connected with.

Chemistry.com worked for me.I met a nice lady on this site

Chemistry.com worked for me. I met a nice lady on this site and we are dating now. The selection of women was ok, nothing amazing. But I wasn’t looking for a top model, I was seeking more of a real woman who I could spend my life with. The gal I found is pretty awesome.

I got some responses, hooked up with a gal.Establishedmen.com is great.

Establishedmen.com is great. I got some responses, hooked up with a gal. But I still cannot find any women I want to spend the rest of my life with. There is a lot of competition so I felt that these women were probably talking with 6,7 guys at a time. I just don’t like fighting for a woman who I am not sure will be the one. This site is a short-term solution to hooking up.


Established Men is a complete waste of time. Well, let me take it back. Not totally a waste of time but most of these women seem to be either fake profiles or maybe are escorts? Who knows. With the burden of work, I rarely have the time to go out to cafes or bars to meet ladies, so this website was initially interesting. I have some friends who hooked up with it, so I tried it, but it didn’t work for me.

SUGAR DADDY MEET- Very impressiveIt provides very useful matches

Sugar Daddy meet is great if you are looking for fun girls to hang out with. It provides very useful matches, and really eliminates the awkward parts of dating. It’s unique niche helps you to meet like minds. The ladies are beautiful and almost seem too good to be true. The site does not require lengthy registration, which I found to be very impressive. Everyone hates long registration questions.

SugarDaddyMeet is a great dating website if you are looking for someone to splurge on. The ladies on this website are extremely fun and are down for a good time. This website is extremely intuitive and friendly to use. It also has a great matching system that pairs you with people you may like based on the information supplied in your profile. Even though the website has one too many pop ups and can be a little bit distracting, having an ad blocker will help. All-round great experience for meeting your sugar-baby


Millionaire Match is a fun way to meet wealthy people. Of course everyone is looking for a wealthy partner, its just that few people care to admit it. When using Millionaire Match, the membership fee wasn’t bad. I chose the free version first but then paid to get in touch with the women.
I’m 49, met a 22 year old lady. I thought we were hitting it off, but then she disappeared. Overall, this site is ok. I haven’t met my dream woman yet.

Millionaire Match Was a FlopMillionaire Match website

The Millionaire Match website is a members only site, and I found it discouraging that I couldn’t view the females in there before joining. The selection of women in millionaire match is decent. Many are gold-diggers. I guess the name itself attracts those types of women. It’s not the easiest site to use – and customer support isn’t great. It wasn’t the right matchmaking site for me.

Eharmony worked for meEharmony

I'm a 50 year old male executive divorced with two children. My children are grown and I was looking for a 40 - 50 year old woman to be my life partner. Being a little overweight, I looked for a gal that was more curvy. Dolores is awesome. She's a great cook and we are planning on going on many more dates.

I am a divorced male with two children.I am a divorced male with two children.Plenty of Fish

I tried Plenty of Fish a year ago and ended up meeting a crazy woman. She was beautiful and we were attracted instantly but that was about the only thing that was good about her. We had a total of three dates. On our third date I realized she was a gold digger, and I decided to dump her. This was when she started to act like a psycho. She started calling me at all hours of the night. Then she started calling my office when I stopped answering my personal line. I cannot begin to tell you what a nightmare this woman was. Finally I took leave and went on a mini vacation. Thankfully when I got back there was a message on my phone saying she met someone. Thank God! whew!
Martin Weber

Horrible Experience with Eharmony.Eharmony

Eharmony charged my account even after I wanted to close it. I wasn't happy with the selection of women, and also experienced horrible customer service.

MQI’s selection of women are incredibleMQI’s selection of women are incredibleModel Quality Introductions

I am a real estate investor and found Model Quality Introductions by clicking on their ad. MQI's selection of women are incredible. I have an affinity for blondes so I told them that I would like to date blonde women. Craig- the owner, set me up with multiple dates throughout the week. Wow, having gorgeous women on my arm was an amazing experience. Currently I'm dating Darlene, and she is everything I dreamed my perfect woman to be. Thanks MQI