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Online dating can be really frustrating. The chances of meeting a partner with that perfect physical look and qualifications can be challenging. Many sites offer targeted matchmaking and stringent filters. Wealthy men are constantly looking for their perfect mate but are struggling because many women are not as genuine as they expect them to be. Not with Model Quality Introductions.

Model Quality Introductions is a brick and mortar nationwide matchmaking agency that knows what they are doing. They offer rigorous background checks and have policies put in place that benefit the client. MQI is known as the nation’s most powerful matchmaking service. Their business model is fine tuned to offer matchmaking opportunities to the top 2% of successful men and top 5% of the most beautiful women. MQI puts you on dates with super model like women week after week and ask you for feedback to fine tune their whole dating process even more. Here is a list of MQI’s reviews and features.

MQI Review & Features:

• A Complete Understanding of their Clients’ Needs

Model Quality Introductions is owned by Craig Donaldson, and as such brings a male centered perspective into the matchmaking process. It’s perfect for executives that want to date the most beautiful women out there but don’t know how. MQI delivers fully for their clients by setting men on dates with youthful, stunning ladies that are pretty, intelligent and down to earth.

• User Friendly Site

MQI has a very user friendly site. You simply create an account on that form on their homepage. You can fill out your information so that the company gets a good idea of who you are. They do have a vetting process for both men and women which is pretty simple and straight forward but they need your basic info for this.

• Professional Matchmaking

MQI does matchmaking like it’s an art. They pair executive men with gorgeous women after a special vetting process that involves background checks, hobbies, special requirements by party, etc. This process involves: face-to-face interviews of thousands of women, calling the selected women that fit the the man’s expectations, and finally calling the man to set up the date.

“MQI has an 82% success rate at helping executive men and gorgeous women find love; a percentage likely to increase as the vetting process gets better with time.”

• Client Support

MQI never leaves clients hanging, and they offer support during their office hours and even on weekends for high profile celebrity clientele and like businessmen. They also offer free dating tips in their blog; regularly posting topics that benefit men and women by giving excellent dating advice. You can learn a lot from this blog including ways to benefit from your strengths, and learning ways to keep your love interest hooked between dates.

• Client Protection

It’s reassuring to know that MQI takes only relevant information from clients and does not share this with the ladies. Client’s last names and annual income are not shared with the dates to separate gold differs from those that are looking for true love. It really is great that an agency looks after their clients this way; and shows that MQI is behind the client all the way.

Model Quality Introductions

Model Quality Introductions Reviews

MQI Reviews

Model Quality Introductions review

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Author: Chris Newell

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MQI’s selection of women are incredibleMQI’s selection of women are incredibleModel Quality Introductions

I am a real estate investor and found Model Quality Introductions by clicking on their ad. MQI's selection of women are incredible. I have an affinity for blondes so I told them that I would like to date blonde women. Craig- the owner, set me up with multiple dates throughout the week. Wow, having gorgeous women on my arm was an amazing experience. Currently I'm dating Darlene, and she is everything I dreamed my perfect woman to be. Thanks MQI