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Millionaire Match Reviews

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Millionaire Matchmaking Service Reviews

Millionaire Match Service Reviews
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Millionaire Match is a fun way to meet wealthy people. Of course everyone is looking for a wealthy partner, its just that few people care to admit it. When using Millionaire Match, the membership fee wasn’t bad. I chose the free version first but then paid to get in touch with the women.
I’m 49, met a 22 year old lady. I thought we were hitting it off, but then she disappeared. Overall, this site is ok. I haven’t met my dream woman yet.

Millionaire Match Was a FlopMillionaire Match website

The Millionaire Match website is a members only site, and I found it discouraging that I couldn’t view the females in there before joining. The selection of women in millionaire match is decent. Many are gold-diggers. I guess the name itself attracts those types of women. It’s not the easiest site to use – and customer support isn’t great. It wasn’t the right matchmaking site for me.