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I got some responses, hooked up with a gal.Establishedmen.com is great.

Establishedmen.com is great. I got some responses, hooked up with a gal. But I still cannot find any women I want to spend the rest of my life with. There is a lot of competition so I felt that these women were probably talking with 6,7 guys at a time. I just don’t like fighting for a woman who I am not sure will be the one. This site is a short-term solution to hooking up.


Established Men is a complete waste of time. Well, let me take it back. Not totally a waste of time but most of these women seem to be either fake profiles or maybe are escorts? Who knows. With the burden of work, I rarely have the time to go out to cafes or bars to meet ladies, so this website was initially interesting. I have some friends who hooked up with it, so I tried it, but it didn’t work for me.