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5 Things a Matchmaking Service Won’t Tell You


If you want help with your love life, or you are simply looking for companionship, then seeking the help of a professional matchmaking service can be a good option. But even though these matchmaking services are available to help you, there are still some vital facts about these services that you should know; facts not revealed to the public. So to help you find your matchmaker, we have put together a list of 5 important facts you should know.

Five Things Most Matchmaking Services Won’t Admit to You

  1. Not Everyone Can be a Matchmaker

Although there are many matchmaking services around, the truth is not everyone is cut out to be a matchmaker. There are many inexperienced millionaire matchmakers around that simply become a matchmaker because they feel that they can do it. A good matchmaker needs to live and breathe matchmaking; they need to want to desire to understand why certain matches work and others don’t. A good matchmaker will be able to offer you free tips because they are chock full of them.

  1. Online Matches May be Short Term

We’ve seen strictly online matchmaking succeed and then fail. The more affordable a site is to join, the more candidates join thus increasing not just competition but the number of people dating. My cousin for example, struggles finding a man who is loyal; every man she talks to seems to be dating other women simultaneously.

High end matchmaking services on the other end invest in background checks and their quality of women are far greater than the standard online matchmaking service. Elite matchmaking services for executives also ensure that their customers are happy by following up with them, getting feedback and providing each man with tips on how to keep the love interest. This in turn helps clients gain a more long-term relationship.

  1.  Not Every Match Provided is a Client

Nancy, a 50-year-old woman, was shocked when she discovered her date didn’t pay the $5,000 membership fee that she paid, and he did not come from a matchmaking website she considers reputable. Some professionals have admitted that they look outside their agency to find the right match for clients. However, they still have to vet the preferable match. Also with a client’s express permission, professional matchmaking services can collaborate with other local matchmakers in order to find the best match.

  1. Few Matchmakers Are Highly Experienced

It is not surprising that several people who have engaged in the matchmaking business had a bad experience. It is because very few matchmakers have over a decade of experience. Matchmaking is one of those industries where experience is crucial. The more experience the better; why? It is because it is an industry that deals with humans as the so-called commodity. Dealing with people means the matchmaker needs to be somewhat of a psychologist, and study behaviour, what works and what didn’t, and what is best for their client. This process of studying cannot be done in a few years. The best matchmakers will have over a decade of verifiable experience.

  1. You Get What You Pay For!

The prices for matchmaking services, and what the services entail, varies depending on the agency. Some agencies have male and female client paying members, others only have males pay and it is due to supply and demand. On other instances, you can decide to choose from different levels of service. Some professional matchmaking services will allow their clients who are pre-screened to be in their database, but will proactively search for matches only paying. So if you do not pay any fees, you are likely not to get matches.